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Pontus is an AI platform that focuses on privacy and compliance.It allows users to build AI models while keeping privacy in mind, ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CPRA.With its smart anonymization feature, Pontus can detect and anonymize protected information according to regulations without compromising personalization in the models.

Pontus provides an intuitive dashboard for auditing AI compliance, allowing users to identify and verify compliance rapidly.It also offers trust-made-easy components, secure document storage, and privacy-aware caching to save costs without sacrificing privacy.

Pontus works with common LLM providers, both external and internal, making trust and privacy the default in AI models.Additionally, Pontus incorporates toxicity checking to prevent the sending of abusive content to LLMs.

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Pontus possible use cases:

  1. Building AI models with privacy and compliance to regulations.
  2. Auditing AI compliance and verifying regulations.
  3. Anonymizing protected information in AI models.
  4. Toxicity checking in AI models.
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4.7 2 ratings

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