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What is PMcardio?

PMCardio is an AI-powered diagnostic tool that accurately diagnoses and treats 38 cardiovascular diseases in less than 5 seconds. It works by scanning ECG images and providing detailed patient diagnostic reports, in-app treatment recommendations, and triage suggestions. PMCardio is available for healthcare professionals in primary care, emergency care, and hospital care settings, with plans starting at £24.99 per month. The tool is certified as a Class IIB medical device and is GDPR compliant. It also offers guideline-adhered treatment recommendations and calculates stroke risk scores.


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Tagged: Health

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PMcardio Core features

  • ✔️ Diagnosing 38 cardiovascular diseases
  • ✔️ Scanning ecg images
  • ✔️ Providing detailed patient diagnostic reports
  • ✔️ In-app treatment recommendations
  • ✔️ Triage suggestions

PMcardio use case ideas

  1. Primary care diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Emergency care triage and diagnosis.
  3. Hospital care diagnosis and treatment. PMcardio
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