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The AI website builder from Pineapple Builder allows busy business owners to create a website, blog, and portfolio in just 5 minutes with the help of AI technology. Users can generate a website without worrying about design, user conversion, hosting servers, or SSL certificates. The tool offers templates for personal websites, digital products platforms, online portfolios, beauty services, freelancers, and SAAS businesses. The simple editor allows easy customization of elements, adding new sections, and integrating widgets.

The tool also offers AI assistance for website copy, blog posts, SEO, and analytics. Users can integrate with Google Analytics, tag manager, and other platforms. The service runs on fast networks and offers SSL certificates for secure visitors' information. The tool comes with 24/7 support, video training, and online workshops. The builder is a no-code platform.

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Pineapple Builder possible use cases:

  1. Create a personal website quickly in minutes.
  2. Build an online portfolio for a freelancer to show off your work.
  3. Create a digital products platform to start selling products.
  4. Build a website for a services business.
  5. Create a business website for your company without hiring developers. Pineapple Builder
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