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What is Pickapic?

Pick Pic is an AI tool that allows users to generate images and collect human feedback. It supports academic research and is an open-source project. The tool is intended for research purposes only, and users must grant consent before generating images. Pick Pic's mission is to build the largest open-source, public available human-feedback text-to-image dataset. The tool is actively updated with new data and models and can be accessed through the web app or repository.

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⭐ Pickapic Core features

  • ✔️ Image generation
  • ✔️ Human feedback collection
  • ✔️ Academic research support
  • ✔️ Open-source project
  • ✔️ Text-to-image dataset

⚙️ Pickapic use case ideas

  1. Academic research.
  2. Image dataset creation.
  3. AI model training.
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