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What is Piano Genie?

The AI tool, piano geni, is a fun tool that allows users to pretend to be a piano virtuoso using machine learning. Users can play the piano by touching the color blocks on their keyboard (numbers 1-8), and use the space bar to control the sustain pedal. The tool is designed for users to feel like a real player and create better melodies with realistic sound. It works best on mobile devices in landscape mode and has game-like controls. The tool supports MIDI input and audio output but unfortunately only works with Chrome and Opera browsers.


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Piano Genie Core features

  • ✔️ Play piano using color blocks
  • ✔️ Use sustain pedal
  • ✔️ Create realistic sound
  • ✔️ Feel like a real player
  • ✔️ Improve melody

Piano Genie use case ideas

  1. Fun virtual piano playing.
  2. Musical experimentation.
  3. Entertainment and relaxation.
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