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What is PersonaCardAI?

Looti is an AI tool that generates high-quality leads for B2B businesses, helping them target their ideal customers and close leads 10x faster. It offers AI discovery to find the perfect audience, custom filters to fine-tune your lead generation, and hyper-segmentation to help you accurately and effortlessly reach your target demographic. The tool is user-friendly and offers built-in data enrichment and integration with your favorite tools. The pricing ranges from 49€/month for basic features to 99€/month for more advanced features.

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⭐ PersonaCardAI Core features

  • ✔️ Generates high-quality leads
  • ✔️ Targets ideal customers
  • ✔️ Closes leads 10x faster
  • ✔️ Offers ai discovery
  • ✔️ Custom filters

⚙️ PersonaCardAI use case ideas

  1. Targeting ideal customers.
  2. Closing leads faster.
  3. Accurately reaching target demographic.
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