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What is ParallelGPT?

The tool is an AI-powered platform that allows for bulk processing of chat conversations using GPT. It offers a no-code interface for creating and customizing chat workflows and allows for parallel processing of tasks through a spreadsheet UI. The tool includes pre-made templates and the ability to add custom prompt logic. It offers secure data access and allows for collaborator access control.

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⭐ ParallelGPT Core features

  • ✔️ Bulk processing of chat conversations
  • ✔️ No-code interface
  • ✔️ Customizing chat workflows
  • ✔️ Parallel processing of tasks
  • ✔️ Spreadsheet ui
  • ✔️ Pre-made templates
  • ✔️ Add custom prompt logic
  • ✔️ Secure data access
  • ✔️ Collaborator access control

⚙️ ParallelGPT use case ideas

  1. Save time on chatGPT tasks.
  2. ChatGPT automation.
  3. Chat data analysis.
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