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Papercup is an AI tool for video dubbing and translation. The tool is designed for various industries, including media companies, enterprise, e-learning, content creators, and entertainment. Its features include AI voiceover, professional translation, video editing, and add-on services such as distribution and subtitles. Papercup's AI dubbing system can help businesses expand their global reach by making video content available in multiple languages at a fraction of the cost of traditional dubbing methods. Case studies and custom stories are available to learn more about Papercup's capabilities.

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Papercup possible use cases:

  1. Media companies can use Papercup to create multilingual content.
  2. E-learning platforms can use Papercup to translate educational videos.
  3. Content creators can use Papercup to expand their audience by adding subtitles and voiceovers in different languages. Papercup
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