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Pandachat AI focuses on helping users interact with data instantly.PandaChat offers a mobile app, a Chrome extension, and an embedded chat.Pandachat allows users to upload various types of data securely, such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel sheets, images, websites, and PDFs and start interacting with them using a chat interface in natural language.

Pandachat can search and analyze the uploaded data to provide intelligent responses to users' questions in seconds.It also supports integration with popular apps like YouTube, Jira, MP3, Wikipedia, and more.

Its features include building chatbots powered by AI and trained using custom data, targeted search results using sophisticated search techniques, natural language processing for accurate and prompt answers, and document parsing to extract important information and comprehend context.

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PandaChat possible use cases:

  1. Create internal business chat tools to make data retrieval easy.
  2. Gain quicker insights from your data without spending too much time digging.
  3. Speed up and boost the learning process of new materials and subjects. PandaChat
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