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What is Outplayhq?

Outplay is a sales engagement and sales automation platform that offers multichannel outreach, outbound sales automation, prospect tracking, lead sourcing, meeting scheduling, and more. With Outplay, sales teams can automate their outreach and follow-ups across email, social media, chat, phone, and other channels, as well as gain deep insights to optimize their outreach and hit their targets. Additionally, Outplay offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required and hands-on support for SMBs. Outplay also integrates with various tools and offers deal forecasting, zoominfo integration, lusha integration, power dialing, and sales playbooks, among others.

Outplayhq Details

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Tagged: Sales Business

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Outplayhq Core features

  • ✔️ Sales engagement
  • ✔️ Sales automation
  • ✔️ Prospect tracking
  • ✔️ Lead sourcing
  • ✔️ Meeting scheduling

Outplayhq use case ideas

  1. Automate sales outreach and follow-ups.
  2. Track prospects and optimize outreach.
  3. Integrate with various tools for deal forecasting and sales playbooks.
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