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Ortus is a powerful AI tool designed to enhance your YouTube viewing experience. With the Ortus Chrome extension, you can learn faster and engage in interactive video viewing by asking questions and immediately receiving relevant answers. It is incredibly easy to get started by following just four simple steps. Currently, Ortus supports several popular channels like Huberman Lab, Lex Fridman, and AI Epiphany, among others.

This tool allows you to ask questions while watching a video without having to pause or switch tabs. It also provides high-quality summaries that help you grasp the key points of a video without watching the entire content. A new feature allows you to directly copy key insights, references, and resources to Notion, eliminating the need for manual note-taking.

Ortus offers a vibrant online community on Discord where you can find answers to your queries and share feedback with the developers. It provides a seamless experience across multiple platforms and is available as a free Chrome extension. If you encounter any issues during installation, there is a support system in place to assist you. Join the Ortus community today and revolutionize your YouTube experience!

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Ortusbuddy possible use cases:

  1. Ask questions while watching videos.
  2. Access video summaries.
  3. Integrate with Notion for note-taking.
  4. Boost your productivity with YouTube videos Q&A.
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