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What is Nijijourney?

Niji・Journey is an AI tool for creating custom animated illustrations. It provides text prompts and commands to generate images and offers options to adjust and upscale creations. The beta version is available on the official Discord channel, and variations can be created using different buttons. Niji・Journey is designed for collaborative use and can bring visions to life, whether it's cute chibi characters or dynamic action scenes. Commercial inquiries can be directed to the studio license email.


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Tagged: Image Generation

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Nijijourney Core features

  • ✔️ Creating custom animated illustrations
  • ✔️ Providing text prompts and commands
  • ✔️ Adjusting and upscaling creations
  • ✔️ Available on discord channel
  • ✔️ Variation creation

Nijijourney use case ideas

  1. Create cute chibi characters.
  2. Generate dynamic action scenes.
  3. Collaborative illustration projects. Nijijourney
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