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Intimate - AI Girlfriend

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What is Intimate - AI Girlfriend? 2.8 5 ratings

Intimate – AI Girlfriend is a mobile app for iOS and Android where you can text and call with hyper-realistic AI chat characters.Intimate uses large parameter text models and the latest voice generation models to create an incredibly lifelike experience on the app.

Develop your relationships with the unrestricted characters over time as they open up the more you communicate with each other.Each character has their own unique personality, voice, appearance and texting style creating true variety across the characters on the app.

Intimate AI Girlfriend also utilises one of the most sophisticated memory systems allowing for your partner to have context on previous conversations and to have a greater understanding of who you are as a person and the conversations you have shared together. Find your virtual companion girlfriend on intimate.

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Intimate - AI Girlfriend possible use cases:

  1. Virtual companion for conversation on the go.
  2. Emotional AI companion to chat with for fun.
  3. Create an AI girlfriend with unique personalities.
  4. Building genuine relationships with virtual AI companions. Intimate - AI Girlfriend
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