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MrScraper is an AI-powered web scraping tool that takes care of all the tedious work associated with data extraction.With features like proxy rotation, pagination, and intelligent web page structure understanding, MrScraper streamlines the process of extracting the desired information from web pages.

It can efficiently handle even big and complex documents, ensuring comprehensive data extraction.The tool also offers an automatic proxy rotation feature to prevent IP blocking and uninterrupted scraping.

It can navigate and extract data from paginated web pages and supports recurring scraping jobs with its built-in scheduler.MrScraper uses real browsers and JavaScript rendering, as well as an API and automatic captcha solutions for added convenience.

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MRScraper possible use cases:

  1. Build scrapers for market research needs using AI.
  2. Utilize automated scrapers for competitor analysis.
  3. Build lead generation pipelines automatically based on scraped data. MRScraper
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