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What is Moveworks?

Movework is an AI tool that aims to solve employee issues, reduce costs, and unlock product platform solutions for companies. It offers features like creator studio, employee experience insight, multilingual support, and API integration. Movework is designed to help with HR, service desk, identity access management, knowledge management, employee onboarding, and communication. It uses advanced language models like GPT-3 and can reduce support call volume by up to 25%.

Moveworks Details

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Moveworks Core features

  • ✔️ Employee issue resolution
  • ✔️ Cost reduction
  • ✔️ Product platform unlocking
  • ✔️ Hr management
  • ✔️ Service desk management
  • ✔️ Identity access management
  • ✔️ Knowledge management
  • ✔️ Employee onboarding
  • ✔️ Communication
  • ✔️ Support call volume reduction

Moveworks use case ideas

  1. HR management.
  2. service desk support.
  3. employee onboarding. Moveworks
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