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Metabob is an AI tool that uses proprietary graph neural networks to detect and fix coding problems created by humans. It combines the best of graph neural networks and large language models to comprehensively analyze problematic code with contextual understanding. Metabob can detect and classify hundreds of logical problems that traditional static code analysis tools may miss, such as race conditions and unhandled edge cases.

Its features include minimal false positive rates, security gate integration, secrets scanning, and project metrics for actionable insights into code quality, reliability, and team productivity. Metabob also offers refactoring recommendations to enforce code quality best practices and optimize LOC performance.

Its self-hosted version can be deployed in an organization's private cloud and customized to detect relevant problems for the team. Metabob has been shown to improve software security, increase developer productivity, and achieve a higher detection rate of critical errors. Its users praise it as a ground-breaking tool that helps developers and data scientists fix bugs faster and maintain code quality and maintainability.

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Metabob possible use cases:

  1. Detect and fix logical bugs in code.
  2. Improve software security.
  3. Increase developer productivity with AI development tools.
  4. Enforce code quality best practices. Metabob
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