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What is Mendable?

Mendable is an AI tool that offers an API chat powered search and intelligent document automation. It allows developers to train AI models and provides a chat feature where users can ask questions and receive custom answers. Mendable integrates with various platforms and offers insights through automatic compilation and summarization. Mendable is not 100% accurate, and the current version is not open-source, but the company is considering moving towards an open-source model.

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⭐ Mendable Core features

  • ✔️ Api chat powered search
  • ✔️ Intelligent document automation
  • ✔️ Training ai models
  • ✔️ Insights through automatic compilation and summarization

⚙️ Mendable use case ideas

  1. Train AI models.
  2. Provide custom answers through chat.
  3. Integrate with various platforms.

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Ai developers

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