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Boost revenue and LTV for Ecommerce by sending customers personalized videos at scale. Maverick helps ecommerce businesses, online retailers and other brands leverage the power of AI generated video.

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Maverick Highlights:

Maverick helps businesses send automated AI generated personalized videos at scale to all their customers. Just record yourself once and Maverick uses AI and Deep Tech to generate endless unique personalized videos where you greet each customer by name. They are great for post purchase thank yous, welcome series, win backs, abandoned cart or incomplete sign up recoveries, etc.

This solution will help you boost LTV, improve your engagement and conversions, increase revenue and retention and delight your customers at scale.

Maverick possible use cases:

  1. Increase revenue through personalized video marketing.
  2. Improve customer engagement with AI-generated videos.
  3. Enhance brand awareness with scalable video campaigns. Maverick
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