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What is Luw AI? is an AI tool that allows users to create unlimited AI personas to enhance their design choices using data. It includes a pre-trained model for quick and easy use, as well as AI-generated images and the ability to tailor AI personas to specific needs. The tool also includes a "magic wand" feature for removing, adding, and replacing objects and generating new fill prompts, as well as the ability to explore various art pieces for inspiration. With, users can transform basic sketches into masterpieces with the help of AI suggestions and custom artwork prompts.

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⭐ Luw AI Core features

  • ✔️ Create unlimited ai personas
  • ✔️ Use pre-trained model
  • ✔️ Tailor ai personas to specific needs
  • ✔️ Generate ai-generated images
  • ✔️ Remove, add or replace objects

⚙️ Luw AI use case ideas

  1. Transforming sketches into masterpieces.
  2. Generating custom artwork prompts.
  3. Exploring art pieces for inspiration.
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