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What is Luminal?

Lumin is a Python-based AI tool that helps clean, transform and analyze large amounts of data in spreadsheets. It uses natural language processing and can perform complex tasks without the need for coding. Lumin prioritizes privacy and security and encrypts data in transit and at rest, with data purging after its use. Lumin offers flexible pricing plans for teams and provides free access to its tool with the option to upgrade as needed.

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⭐ Luminal Core features

  • ✔️ Data cleaning
  • ✔️ Data transformation
  • ✔️ Data analysis
  • ✔️ Natural language processing
  • ✔️ Privacy and security

⚙️ Luminal use case ideas

  1. Data cleaning and transformation.
  2. Spreadsheet analysis.
  3. Automated data analysis.
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