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What is Linked XP?

The AI tool enhances the LinkedIn experience with microservices and AI-assisted rewrite features for creating new posts, job announcements, and more. It also helps with navigating the platform with confidence and etiquette. The tool is available for paid trial users and subscribers with pricing options ranging from $4.99 for 7 days to $200/year. The tool is developed by Studio M64 and offers privacy and terms of service.


Pricing: Free Edit tool

Tagged: Social media

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Linked XP Core features

  • ✔️ Microservices
  • ✔️ Ai-assisted rewriting features
  • ✔️ Confidence and etiquette navigation
  • ✔️ Paid trial users
  • ✔️ Subscribers

Linked XP use case ideas

  1. Enhancing LinkedIn posts and job announcements.
  2. Navigating LinkedIn with confidence and etiquette.
  3. Improving LinkedIn engagement and visibility. Linked XP
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