What is Leo.AI?

leoβ„’ is the world's first engineering design copilot powered by generative AI. With leoβ„’, you can transform ideas into fully assembled 3D CAD models in seconds. This AI tool is trained on millions of CAD files, capable of converting mechanical language into 3D models that adhere to industry standards and best practices.

By using leoβ„’, engineers and designers can easily brainstorm, sketch, and design complex mechanical products without the manual work. Companies can reduce project costs and time, increase productivity, and generate revenue by leveraging leoβ„’'s AI-guided design process.

⭐ Leo.AI key features & benefits

Leo.AI offers a variety of features and benefits that make it a top choice for various users. These are some of the key features:

  • βœ”οΈ Generative AI-powered engineering design copilot.
  • βœ”οΈ Transforming ideas into fully assembled 3D CAD models in seconds.
  • βœ”οΈ Trained on millions of CAD files.
  • βœ”οΈ Capable of converting mechanical language into 3D models adhering to industry standards.
  • βœ”οΈ Enables engineers and designers to brainstorm, sketch, and design complex mechanical products without manual work.

βš™οΈ Leo.AI use cases and applications

  1. Transform rough sketches and ideas into detailed 3D CAD models using leoβ„’'s generative AI, speeding up the design process and minimizing manual labor for engineers and designers.
  2. Generate industry-standard 3D CAD models quickly and accurately with leoβ„’, ensuring compliance with best practices and regulations without the need for extensive manual input.
  3. Increase engineering productivity and innovation by leveraging leoβ„’ to streamline the brainstorming, sketching, and design processes, allowing companies to reduce project costs and time while maximizing revenue generation.

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Who uses Leo.AI?

Leo.AI is used by and benefiting different user groups including but not limited to some of the following users:

Mechanical engineers
Product designers
3d cad modellers

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