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What is Khroma?

Khroma is an AI color tool for design. It uses AI to learn colors and create limitless palettes. Users can search, save and generate color combinations with the power of its algorithm. The tool can generate color combinations from popular human-made palettes across the internet and search for specific hues, tints and values. Users can also save their favorite combinations in an unlimited library. Khroma provides color information such as name, hexcode, RGB and CSS codes, and WCAG access rate pairs.

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⭐ Khroma Core features

  • ✔️ Ai-powered color learning
  • ✔️ Limitless palette generation
  • ✔️ Search for specific hues, tints and values
  • ✔️ Save favorite color combinations in an unlimited library
  • ✔️ Provide color information such as name, hexcode, rgb and css codes, and wcag access rate pairs

⚙️ Khroma use case ideas

  1. Designing websites and apps.
  2. Creating marketing materials.
  3. Choosing color schemes for branding.
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