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What is Keymate.AI?, an AI tool that harnesses the power of GPTs to search and browse long-term information stores to deliver insightful answers. With over 250,000 active users and handling 2 million requests per month, is a valuable asset for elevating research projects and daily tasks. Its key features include a unique API that leverages GPTs for efficient parallel searches, ensuring quick responses by analyzing up to 10 pages simultaneously. Privacy is a top priority as the tool employs official Google APIs to keep search data secure. With a large context window utilizing 128k GPT-4,'s ultimate web app takes memory searches to the next level. Stay ahead of the curve with, the go-to tool for building AI-powered solutions and generating accurate responses efficiently.

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⭐ Keymate.AI Core features

  • ✔️ Utilizes GPTs for searching and browsing long-term information stores
  • ✔️ Unique API for efficient parallel searches analyzing up to 10 pages simultaneously
  • ✔️ Incorporates official Google APIs for data security
  • ✔️ Large context window using 128k GPT-4
  • ✔️ Web app for memory searches

⚙️ Keymate.AI use case ideas

  1. Leverage to quickly research and gather insightful answers for academic papers or thesis projects, streamlining the information search process and enhancing the quality of research outcomes.
  2. Integrate into customer support systems to provide prompt and accurate responses to client inquiries, improving customer satisfaction and reducing response times significantly.
  3. Utilize for competitive analysis by swiftly searching and analyzing multiple web pages simultaneously, allowing businesses to stay informed about market trends, competitor strategies, and industry insights.

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