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What is 5 0 ratings is an AI-powered tool that aims to make job interviews stress-free and boost your confidence. With over 44,669 questions answered, it helps you nail your interview and land your dream job.

The tool offers custom-tailored mock interviews with real-time feedback. Using ChatGPT technology, it creates relevant and realistic interview questions based on your chosen position or a job description you provide. You can practice answering these questions and even record your responses for a more realistic interview experience.

With instant AI feedback, you can receive suggestions to improve your sample response and enhance your interview skills. Whether you're a business analyst, product manager, software engineer, marketing specialist, customer service representative, or sales representative, has sample interview roles tailored to your specific job. Details

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  1. Prepare for job interviews.
  2. Practice answering interview questions.
  3. Improve interview skills before an interview.
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