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What is Instantly? is a cold email software that allows users to scale their outreach campaigns with unlimited email accounts and warm-up features. The platform offers smart AI technology and personalization to increase response rates and drive new business. Users can send thousands of emails every day without damaging sender reputation and access an extensive library of email templates and strategies. The tool provides campaign analytics and optimizes email deliverability while protecting against spam and ensuring accurate lead lists. is easy to use and offers a world-class support team, making it a popular choice for agencies, recruiters, and entrepreneurs.

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⭐ Instantly Core features

  • ✔️ Scaling outreach campaigns
  • ✔️ Personalization to increase response rates
  • ✔️ Access to email templates and strategies
  • ✔️ Campaign analytics
  • ✔️ Protection against spam

⚙️ Instantly use case ideas

  1. Agency outreach campaigns.
  2. Recruiting outreach campaigns.
  3. Entrepreneurial outreach campaigns.
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