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Inside sales teams often spend countless hours organizing, consolidating, and finding product codes for each line item in a Bill of Material spreadsheet or MRO email request-for-quote.Book a time to talk more: can be a time-consuming and tedious task due to the large amount of data that needs to be processed and cross-referenced.Industrial Data Labs has developed a solution, the Pipe, Valve, Fitting, and Flange Industry's first AI-Powered Inside Sales Copilot, which streamlines this process and turns countless hours into seconds.With its advanced technology, the Inside Sales Copilot automates the organization and consolidation of data, as well as assists in finding the correct product codes for each line item. #PVF #AI

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⭐ Industrial Data Labs Core features

  • ✔️ Organization
  • ✔️ Consolidation
  • ✔️ Data assistance
  • ✔️ Product code search

⚙️ Industrial Data Labs use case ideas

  1. Automated organization and consolidation of data for PVF industry.
  2. Assistance in finding correct product codes for PVF line items.
  3. Streamlining inside sales processes for PVF industry.

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Inside sales teams
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