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What is Grape Codes?

Devie is an AI developer tool that enables users to build web pages, analyze data, and interact with APIs using natural language. By simply explaining tasks in natural language, Devie autonomously generates code, installs packages, and executes code to perform the task at hand. Whether it's simple arithmetic, complex data analysis, or building user interfaces, Devie can handle a variety of tasks such as creating landing pages, blogs, and games. Users can also interact with public APIs by setting API keys in the environment variables section, and Devie is designed to auto-fix compilation errors in the near future. Join the Discord community or check out the FAQ to get started with Devie today.

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⭐ Grape Codes Core features

  • ✔️ Natural language input for tasks
  • ✔️ Code generation
  • ✔️ Package installation
  • ✔️ Execution of code
  • ✔️ Interaction with APIs

⚙️ Grape Codes use case ideas

  1. Build a responsive landing page for your website by describing your design requirements to Devie in natural language, allowing for quick and efficient web development without the need for manual coding..
  2. Automate data analysis processes by simply explaining your data sets and analysis goals to Devie, enabling quick insights and visualizations without the need for complex programming or data science expertise..
  3. Interact with various APIs by describing the desired functionalities and setting API keys in the environment variables section, empowering seamless integration of external services into your projects with Devie's natural language capabilities..

🙋‍♂️ Users of this tool

Web developers
Data analysts
Api developers
Non-technical users
Digital marketers
Product managers
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