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What is GoLinks?

The golinks® | Intuit link management platform is an AI-powered tool that helps teams easily manage and share links through short, easy-to-remember go links.It offers features such as a dashboard for analytics and insights, browser extensions, and integration with workplace apps like Slack and GitHub.

With golinks®, teams can quickly access necessary resources in a single source-of-truth, and customize links with keywords and tags for easy searchability.The platform also offers enterprise-ready security features such as single sign-on, multi-domain sharing, and GDPR compliance.

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Tagged: Security and Privacy

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GoLinks Core features

  • ✔️ Shorten links
  • ✔️ Analytics and insights
  • ✔️ Browser extensions
  • ✔️ Workplace app integrations
  • ✔️ Enterprise-ready security features

GoLinks use case ideas

  1. Quick access to necessary resources.
  2. Customizable links with keywords and tags.
  3. Enterprise-ready security features for link sharing and more.
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