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Golem is a cutting-edge AI tool that revolutionizes the way we chat with AI. With its brand new ChatGPT experience, users can now engage in more meaningful and personalized conversations. Golem offers a unique ability to securely store data, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

The chat experience on Golem is beautiful, thanks to its beautiful and user-friendly design. Interactions are carefully crafted to provide a delightful and seamless experience. By default, all data is stored locally, giving users complete control over their information. For those who prefer a cloud-based solution, Golem allows users to easily install and deploy their own instance on Deta Space, a personal cloud.

For seamless collaboration, Golem makes it effortless to share conversations with others through a simple link. Whether it's for feedback or reference, sharing conversations has never been easier. Golem is also open-source, which means the source code is available on GitHub, inviting users to contribute and enhance the tool. It can even be used as a reference for creating a complete Nuxt 3 project.

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Golem possible use cases:

  1. Engaging in personalized conversations.
  2. Securely storing contextual data.
  3. Sharing conversations with others.
  4. Deploying locally or on the cloud.
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