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What is FormWise?

Formwis is an AI tool that allows end users to design and embed AI prompts and widgets without coding. It uses OpenAI GPT engines to power its no-code AI tool, making it the latest and most advanced platform in the market. Its features include a marketplace, template prompts, and custom services for teams and marketers. Formwis offers various use cases, including market planners, meal plan generators, and language translators. It has a variety of pricing plans, starting at free forever with limited responses and scaling up to unlimited responses with access to multiple GPT engines and advanced prompt builders.

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Tagged: Prompts No-code

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FormWise Core features

  • ✔️ Designing ai prompts
  • ✔️ Embedding ai widgets
  • ✔️ Using openai gpt engines
  • ✔️ Marketplace for templates
  • ✔️ Custom services for teams and marketers

FormWise use case ideas

  1. Market planners can use Formwis to generate insights and predictions..
  2. Meal plan generators can use Formwis to suggest recipes based on dietary restrictions..
  3. Language translators can use Formwis to provide instant translations for websites and apps.. FormWise
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