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What is Formula Dog?

This AI tool allows users to convert text into Excel formulas, VBA code, or Regex expressions. It also provides explanations and examples for formula/code/SQL. The tool is available as an Excel add-on and a Google Sheets add-on. Testimonials suggest that it saves time and is a game changer.

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Tagged: Spreadsheets

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Formula Dog Core features

  • ✔️ Text to excel formulas
  • ✔️ Text to vba code
  • ✔️ Text to regex expressions
  • ✔️ Explanations and examples for formula/code/sql
  • ✔️ Time-saving

Formula Dog use case ideas

  1. Automating data entry tasks.
  2. Creating complex formulas quickly.
  3. Debugging VBA code. Formula Dog
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