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What is Fobizz?

Fobizz is a digital tool for teaching and learning, designed to make teaching easy and secure. It offers a variety of versatile tools relevant to everyday school life, from ready-made teaching materials to lesson planning and multimedia content creation. Fobizz includes AI-assisted text creation and image and speech conversion features, and allows for secure sharing of student work and collaboration with peers. The tool also offers functionalities such as creating and sharing worksheets, surveys, websites, and multimedia teaching boards, as well as file sharing and QR code generation.

Fobizz Details

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Fobizz Core features

  • ✔️ Text creation
  • ✔️ Image conversion
  • ✔️ Speech conversion
  • ✔️ Lesson planning
  • ✔️ Multimedia content creation

Fobizz use case ideas

  1. Create and share multimedia teaching boards.
  2. Generate and share worksheets and surveys.
  3. Collaborate securely with peers on student work. Fobizz
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