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What is Facetune?

Facetune is an AI-powered selfie editing app available on iOS and Android. With a 7-day free trial, users can use the app to enhance their selfies and create AI avatars effortlessly. The app offers a range of editing tools for one-tap edits, such as smoothing, light effects, and defocus. Users can also edit their videos and retouch them like a pro with makeup and filters. Overall, Facetune is a one-stop-shop for self-expression and creative content sharing, with a 4.43 average rating and over 200 million downloads.

Facetune Details

Pricing: Free trial Edit tool

Tagged: Image Editing

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Facetune Core features

  • ✔️ Selfie editing
  • ✔️ Avatar creation
  • ✔️ One-tap edits
  • ✔️ Video editing
  • ✔️ Makeup and filters

Facetune use case ideas

  1. Enhancing selfies with one-tap edits.
  2. Creating AI avatars.
  3. Editing videos with makeup and filters.
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