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What is Fabrie AI?

Fabri is an online collaborative platform for designers that combines features like mind mapping, flowcharting, drawing, and note-taking, with AI design tools, prototypes, and presentation capabilities. It provides a virtual space for team collaboration, with customizable databases, drag-and-drop organization, and sync records to annotate and draw lists. The platform also offers design templates to help designers get started faster and streamlines client conversations onto a single page for efficient communication.

Fabrie AI Details

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Tagged: Design

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Fabrie AI Core features

  • ✔️ Mind mapping
  • ✔️ Flowcharting
  • ✔️ Drawing
  • ✔️ Note-taking
  • ✔️ Ai design tools

Fabrie AI use case ideas

  1. Design team's collaboration and organization.
  2. Design prototyping and presentation.
  3. Efficient client communication for design projects.
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