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What is EverAssistantAI?

Yep.so is a fast and free tool for creating landing pages in just 15 minutes. It offers templates based on market examples and real data to assess the validity of your idea. The tool has pricing plans for different needs, ranging from hobbyists to startup studios, with features like custom domains and checkout options for advanced users. The focus is on helping entrepreneurs move fast and make data-backed decisions to win in the competitive game of startups.

EverAssistantAI Details

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EverAssistantAI Core features

  • ✔️ Creating landing pages
  • ✔️ Templates based on market examples and real data
  • ✔️ Assessing the validity of ideas
  • ✔️ Pricing plans for different needs
  • ✔️ Custom domains and checkout options

EverAssistantAI use case ideas

  1. Quickly create a landing page for a new startup idea.
  2. Test the validity of a product or service with a data-driven landing page.
  3. Customize checkout options for advanced users on a landing page.
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