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eSpark is an AI-powered educational tool for grades K-5 that offers personalized instruction and practice in math and reading. With a research-based curriculum, eSpark helps teachers, administrators, and students in various ways.

eSpark provides a wide range of interactive math and reading activities that engage students and cater to their individual learning needs. The tool uses AI to offer choice texts to students, allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace. It offers activities for different grade levels and covers various topics such as counting, sight words, syllables, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and more.

Teachers can easily integrate eSpark into their instruction as it offers both guided lessons and instructional videos. The tool provides real-time data on student progress and identifies learning gaps. Detailed online reports and personalized email updates help teachers monitor student growth and provide targeted intervention when necessary. eSpark also offers small group lessons and activities for differentiated instruction.

Administrators can access reports to track class trends and identify areas of improvement. The tool aligns with the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and provides evidence-based interventions for students who need additional support.

eSpark is highly recommended by teachers who have seen their students make great gains in learning and confidence. The tool saves teachers time by providing targeted lessons and small group assignments. It also offers resources, feedback, and support for student learning.

With roster and assessment integrations, eSpark makes it easy for teachers to get started. Over 1 million students are already using eSpark in their classrooms.

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  1. Engaging students with interactive activities.
  2. Monitoring student progress and identifying learning gaps.
  3. Tracking class trends and providing evidence-based interventions. eSpark
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