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What is EnVsion?

Envsion is an all-in-one video platform designed to help businesses save time and share key learning from custom conversations. It centralizes and streamlines video recording and organization, allowing for easy collaboration and knowledge sharing. The platform also includes automatic transcription and AI-powered analysis capabilities to help teams quickly extract insights and improve their workflows. Integrations with major video conferencing and storage solutions are available, as well as features such as in-video search, highlighting, and tagging. Envsion is aimed at helping teams build market-dominant products and gain a competitive advantage.

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EnVsion Core features

  • ✔️ Centralize and streamline video recording and organization
  • ✔️ Allow for easy collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • ✔️ Include automatic transcription and ai-powered analysis capabilities
  • ✔️ Provide integrations with major video conferencing and storage solutions
  • ✔️ Enable in-video search, highlighting, and tagging

EnVsion use case ideas

  1. Record and share team meetings.
  2. Create and share training videos.
  3. Analyze customer feedback through video recordings.
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