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What is Entry Point?

Entry Point AI helps you train AI models easily, built as a layer on top of the fine-tuning APIs from top LLM providers like OpenAI and AI21.

It's user-friendly and doesn't require any code. Entry Point handles all the complexities of fine-tuning and makes it simple for you. You can import and organize your data, write prompt/completion templates, view counts tokens, figures out costs, and checks how well your trained models actually perform.

Entry Point also provides a Data Synthesis feature to help you generate more training examples for your custom model using AI.

There are millions of use cases for fine-tuned large language models. Entry Point can help you train a model to assist with customer support, review legal documents, write blog articles, rank marketing leads, make personalized email subject lines, or spot risky financial transactions. That's just a small sample of the potential applications for fine-tuned LLMs in business.

Entry Point is a versatile and straightforward AI training platform. It can save you a lot of time and headaches when trying to fine-tune a custom model and tailer it to your needs. It's a valuable tool for any business that wants to use AI or individuals looking to become more savvy at training their own custom models.


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Entry Point Core features

  • ✔️ Import data
  • ✔️ Organize data
  • ✔️ Write prompt/completion templates
  • ✔️ View counts and tokens
  • ✔️ Check model performance

Entry Point use case ideas

  1. Train models to assist with customer support.
  2. Generate trained custom models for internal tasks like email writing, document reviewal and more.
  3. Save time,keep your data private and get better results with a model trained on your data.
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