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What is Endel?

Endel is an AI-powered tool that provides personalized soundscapes to help with focus, relaxation, and sleep. Its neuroscience-backed technology creates soundscapes that adapt in real-time based on input like time of day, weather, heart rate, and location. Research shows that Endel can improve focus and lower stress. It has partnerships with Sony and Grammy award-winners James Blake and Miguel.

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Tagged: Audio & Voice Productivity

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Endel Core features

  • ✔️ Generates personalized soundscapes
  • ✔️ Adapts in real-time based on input
  • ✔️ Improves focus
  • ✔️ Lowers stress
  • ✔️ Partnerships with sony and grammy award-winners

Endel use case ideas

  1. Improving focus and reducing stress.
  2. Enhancing relaxation and sleep.
  3. Creating personalized soundscapes for productivity.
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