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Dunno, an AI-powered quiz platform that helps you create interactive quizzes and intellectual games based on any text or topic. Whether you're a tutor, teacher, or self-learner, Dunno allows you to boost engagement and deepen understanding by turning learning into a thrilling game. You can create quizzes using AI assistance, play alone, or invite friends to join. Additionally, Dunno can transform meetings, presentations, and events by making them more interactive with quizzes. You can also entertain and spice up gatherings with friends and family by creating quizzes on various topics.

To ensure accuracy, Dunno uses GPT-based models for content generation, with plans to switch to the more advanced GPT-4 model. While AI-generated content can be accurate, it's advisable to double-check factual information. If you need assistance in creating quizzes, Dunno has developed ChatGPT, a helper that generates prompts based on the topic you provide. After receiving an answer from ChatGPT, you can launch games and invite others to play.

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DUNNO possible use cases:

  1. Create interactive quizzes for educational purposes.
  2. Make meetings and presentations more interactive with quizzes.
  3. Entertain and engage friends and family with quizzes.
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