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Drippi.ai is an AI-based tool that helps with personalized cold outreach messages and inbox management. It automates the process of creating highly personalized Twitter direct messages (DMs) and also provides a lead scraping system to find prospects that match the target audience's occupation, industry, and interests. Its AI algorithm analyzes a lead's profile and creates personalized messages, resulting in higher reply rates and better engagement.

It also provides comprehensive analytics to track lead responses and reply rates to enable data-driven decisions to improve campaigns and increase ROI. Drippi.ai's CRM offers filters, auto-replies, and quick responses to organize inbox conversations with leads.

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Drippi.ai possible use cases:

  1. Automated personalized twitter DM creation for cold outreach campaigns.
  2. Lead scraping for target audience on twitter.
  3. Comprehensive analytics for data-driven decisions for your twitter account.
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