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What is DocUp?

Docup is an AI-powered tool that optimizes support flow and improves content documentation. With Docup, you can use an AI chatbot to automatically answer customers' questions and integrate it directly into your support solutions. The tool also offers a free demo for you to try.

You can train the AI by feeding it different types of content such as URLs, sitemaps, plain text, and FAQs. Docup supports various document types, including PDFs. The trained AI replies to customer queries instantly, reducing lag and waiting time. If customers still need human help, they can easily be directed to contact support.

Docup also allows you to integrate its AI functionality into your support and documentation flow. For example, you can hook it up to your contact form, so users get suggested replies before proceeding to contact. Additionally, the tool provides API access, chatbot access, multiple collections, and various pricing plans to suit your needs.

Start with the free plan, and if you find it useful, you can choose from different pricing tiers. Docup offers a 14-day refund policy, and you can pay on a monthly or yearly basis. The tool is easy to integrate with your existing solution and can be embedded on your website.

If you have any questions or need support, Docup provides comprehensive FAQs and a contact form for further assistance. Stay up to date with new features and product updates by subscribing to their email notifications.

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⭐ DocUp Core features

  • ✔️ Chatbot integration
  • ✔️ Api access
  • ✔️ Comprehensive faqs
  • ✔️ Embedding on website

⚙️ DocUp use case ideas

  1. Automated customer support.
  2. Content documentation optimization.
  3. Integration with support solutions.

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Customer support teams

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