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Doctrina AI is an educational tool designed specifically for students. It offers a range of features to enhance the learning experience and aid in academic tasks. With Doctrina AI, students can streamline their study sessions using the Class Notes tool. This tool improves and summarizes class notes, helping students focus on key concepts and themes in their materials. The Essay Generator provides a solid foundation for writing tasks by kickstarting the writing process, structuring thoughts, and generating an essay tailored to specific topics and focus areas. However, the final crafting and validity of the essay remain in the hands of the student. The Exam Generator tool takes a personalized approach to exam preparation. By creating exams based on specific books, authors, subjects, publication years, and topics, it helps students hone their understanding and knowledge. Doctrina AI is built on top of OpenAI, and its philosophy revolves around AI aiding, rather than replacing, human learners. It aims to enhance the learning experience while promoting active learning, critical thinking, and personal input. Dive into the future of learning with Doctrina AI and elevate your educational journey.

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Doctrina AI possible use cases:

  1. Generate essays for school assignments.
  2. Create exam questions for teachers.
  3. Generate book discussions for book clubs. Doctrina AI
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