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What is Docs GPT by Applai?

Docsgpt is an AI tool that helps users create and edit content inside Google Docs. It uses GPT technology to generate new content, modify existing text, change tone and translate. The tool can also proofread text for misspelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It is available for free trial and is compatible with Google Workspace.

Docs GPT by Applai Details

Pricing: Freemium Edit tool

Tagged: Translation

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Docs GPT by Applai Core features

  • ✔️ Generate
  • ✔️ Modify
  • ✔️ Change tone
  • ✔️ Translate
  • ✔️ Proofread

Docs GPT by Applai use case ideas

  1. Generate new content.
  2. Modify existing text.
  3. Proofread for errors. Docs GPT by Applai
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