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dify is an AI tool focused on creating and operating AI-native apps based on GPT-4 models.It offers an easy-to-use llmops platform for teams to develop AI applications and operate them visually.With dify, users can create AI-powered apps in minutes, whether for internal team use or external release, and deploy them quickly in just 5 minutes.

The tool provides various features such as a storyteller bot for answering specific questions, a SQL generator for converting natural language to SQL, a code converter for converting programming languages, and a text generator for summarizing key information.

dify is compatible with chatGPT plugins, offering rich tool capabilities such as search, database connection, sensitive word avoidance, and API access.It supports GPT-4 models and provides a smooth experience for model access, context embedding, cost control, and data annotation.

Users can easily create AI applications for product development using dify's visual composition starting prompt and rich functionality.The tool also offers API integration and complete plugin integration for long context operations.

Users can continuously improve their AI applications by visually checking logs and annotating data to enhance the reasoning process of the AI.dify natively provides two types of applications: dialogue and text generation, and it is open source on GitHub.

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Dify possible use cases:

  1. Create AI-powered chat bots based on different LLM models.
  2. Build LLM applications quickly and iterate new features.
  3. Create automation workflows based on different LLM models like GPT4.
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