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What is Diagram?

The AI tool offers various design tools, including Automator, Magician, Genius, Prototyper, and Diagram Labs. Automator allows users to complete Figma tasks in one click. Magician is a design tool powered by AI. Genius acts as an AI design companion. Prototyper allows users to prototype code in Figma.

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Diagram Core features

  • ✔️ Automator
  • ✔️ Magician
  • ✔️ Genius
  • ✔️ Prototyper

Diagram use case ideas

  1. Complete Figma tasks in one click with Automator.
  2. Use Magician for AI-powered design.
  3. Get design suggestions with Genius.
  4. Prototype code in Figma with Prototyper.
  5. Conduct design experiments with Diagram Labs.
  6. Access career, support, and privacy resources.
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