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Dexa AI is an AI-powered podcast assistant that allows you to explore, search, and ask questions using AI bots powered by their favorite podcasts.Dexa AI enables users to view podcasts sources, search through transcripts, and get answers to their questions.

You can get advice from your favorite podcasters like like Dr.Andrew Huberman on topics such as getting sunlight, exercise, and taking cold showers.The AI assistants in dexa provide tailored answers sourced directly from favorite podcast episodes and trusted experts.

Users can request specific show recommendations or search for relevant episodes using keywords, topics, or guest names.Overall, dexa aims to provide an intuitive and informative podcast experience for users.

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Tagged: Podcasting Productivity

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Dexa possible use cases:

  1. Explore your favorite podcasts everyday in an interactive way.
  2. Search through your favoirte podcast transcripts.
  3. Get answers to questions from your podcast experts with source episodes. Dexa
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