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Devi is an AI tools that will help you monitor Social Media for keywords, Automate leads monitoring with AI in LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Reddit and Twitter to save time and focus on other revenue-key business actions.Easy leads outreach with AI: With one click, you can share personalized comments or replies created by ChatGPT with your business details.

Schedule Content on Social Media: Choose when to share your AI-generated content on all your social media profiles to create a presence for your brand.You can edit it as much as you want or schedule it in 1-click.

Weekly Visual Content: Auto-generate visual content every week with your business name, logo, and context.It generates in different formats: quote, inspiration, did you know, fun fact, and more.

Monitor Websites for Brand Mentions: Devi AI can help you monitor 3000+ top websites for mentions of your brand.Monitor and Share News with AI: Get, schedule, and share the latest news in your industry AI Viral Post: Click to generate visual reels/stories and visual news headlines with your brand and schedule them on all social media with 1-click.

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