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Design Sparks is an AI tool that uses established creative problem solving techniques in its AI algorithms to generate spark ideas for design-related problems.It enables users to get a huge number of ideas by typing in their design problem, pasting relevant links or uploading relevant PDFs.

It also allows users to navigate through extracted topics and choose creativity methods to adjust the rarity and number of ideas generated.Design Sparks was created by the National Centre for Creativity enabled AI (CeBAI), using machine learning and other new AI technologies, and is different from chatbots through its use of interactive creativity prompts, curated knowledge, and insights components built-in tools.

Its primary use case is idea generation for UX/UI designers, stakeholders, and product designers; however, it can be adapted to suit design-related problems in other industries.

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Design Sparks possible use cases:

  1. Idea generation for UX/UI designers.
  2. Idea generation for stakeholders.
  3. Idea generation for product designers. Design Sparks
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